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Heavy Metal Clown To Make Eating Disorder Documentary

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Heavy Metal Clown To Make Eating Disorder Documentary slip knot drummer jpgWhile there is no shortage of eating disorder themed TV shows or documentaries, people always want more. I know I do. Eating disorder themed factual programs are half informative and half voyeuristic freak-show. We want to learn about eating disorders, hear the stories of the anorexic, bulimic, the over eaters, the over exercisers et al, but we also want to gawk at those freaks who lost the ability to nourish themselves.

The newest up-and-coming documentary on eating disorders is the brainchild of an unusual producer: Slipknot’s Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan. Yes, the grammy winner who dresses up as a spooky  clown and plays percussion for a metal band is making a documentary about eating disorders. Clown has already worked on a documentary about America’s scariest haunted house–that’s how his passion for documentaries began. Clown, who performs in a clown mask, wants to “get at the truth behind the mask, to expose the pain and the beauty hidden behind the facades we like to hide behind.”

Clown posted about his intentions on Slipknot’s official website. His blog post details who he is looking for: men and women under 18, between 18 and 30, and over 30 years old. It’s cool that he wants to talk to people of all genders and ages since eating disorder media typically focuses on young women.

After working on a documentary about a haunted house, why would this heavy metal percussionist want to focus his latest endeavor on eating disorders? He answers that very question:

 My path through life has brought me into contact with a number of women and men suffering from these terrible diseases and I feel compelled to do what I can to help.


I warn you now that I intend to ask a great deal of you. I am not interested in telling only part of the story. I want to speak to you and film your story. I want to be positive but not condescending, to be honest, but not cruel. My hope is that your experiences will give the woman or man suffering in silence the strength to get help. My hope is that telling your story will empower you to gain control of your illness.


I have seen the devastation eating disorders inflict on both the people suffering from them as well as on their families. I am not foolish enough to believe this will cure anyone, but can we help to save someone? Isn’t that a chance worth taking?

Those interested in participating in Clown’s documentary can email him at schon (at) 5bam.com, all responses will be held in confidence.

Check out the Slipknot Website//Story via Ultimate Guitar// Image via Wenn