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Claire Danes Thanks Spanx In SAG Acceptance Speech; Makes New Moms Everywhere Feel Better

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Claire Danes‘ post-baby body was the subject of half the headlines written about her Golden Globe wins–despite the fact that she was there for her accomplishments in acting, not her birthing rebound. But when the actress won for Outstanding Female Actor in a Drama Series at last night's SAG Awards ceremony, she cracked her own joke about using Spanx to get through the red carpet this year.

Danes delivered an impassioned speech, but started with humorous reference to all the post baby weight loss pressure she's dealing with as a new mom: “As a brand spankin'…or Spanx-ing new mom…”

The comment was a trivial part of her speech, and given that her weight is a trivial part of why she got on stage, it's fitting. But the snippet of a remark about her post pregnancy weight and body was just enough to send a clear message to moms everywhere: That even Hollywood's top-paid actresses aren't miraculously thin weeks after giving birth.

Danes doesn't owe anyone an explanation for how she looks so good after giving birth to her baby son Cyrus in December; nor do any new mothers, whether they work in Hollywood or not. But making the joke just might have made a few other new moms feel better about the fact that their bodies haven't bounced back to their pre-birth weight and shape. That alone deserves a standing ovation.

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