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Get Ready For Cinco De Mayo With These Delicious Drink Recipes!

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Excited for Cinco de Mayo this Sunday? We are! From the wonderful history to the delicious food to the celebrations themselves, May 5th is full of fun for anybody involved. In the past few years, I have celebrated via tequila tastings, bounce house parties, lengthy bar crawls, dancing and simply sleeping in crazy late for a change. Plus, it is an excellent reason to chill out with a solid drink and some of your favorite people (it's been a rough couple of weeks, after all, hasn't it?).

In order to prepare, we have compiled a bunch of Cinco de Mayo drink recipes that you can make and enjoy with your friends, whether you are planning on kicking back on the porch for a relaxing evening or aiming more toward the “not sleeping until dawn” option. In fact, we have rounded up quite a few different types of drinks — especially margaritas. There are spicier ones, earthier ones, fruitier ones (my personal favorite) and gorgeous ones, because…well, why not?

So, this Cinco de Mayo, when you and your friends are searching for something to do together, just make a quick run to a lovely farmer's market and a big ol' liquor store to pick up ingredients for one of (or all, if that's your jam) these recipes.

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