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Christina Hendricks’ Barbie Lacks Curves: We’re Not Surprised

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Mattel released Mad Men Barbies last month, and not-so-shockingly, the Joan Halloway Barbie lacks Christina Hendricks' seriously sexy curves. Has there ever been a truly curvy Barbie? We don't think so.

We think the real surprise of this story is that Mattel is even making Mad Men Barbies at all: It's a show for adults, right? Since smoking and having sex in the office is hardly a good example for children, we'll assume that these dolls are made for crazy Barbie fanatics who collect every edition and never open the boxes. That, or for crazy Mad Men devotees like us, who are outraged at Joan's shrunken frame. (We're guessing Lynne Featherstone, Britain’s Equalities Minister, is also shaking her fists in anger over the dishonor done to Christina Hendricks' ideal body type.)

We're assuming the folks over at AMC had the final say on the Barbies' looks — why didn't they protest Joan's doll? We know how strongly the creative team feels about healthy-looking women.

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