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Daily Fail: ‘Unapologetic’ Awards Show Outfits Aren’t An Excuse For Christina Aguilera Weight Jabs

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christina aguilera weightChristina Aguilera wore two outfits that revealed her body shape at the American Music Awards last night. But what does it all mean? A chance to go on a Christina Aguilera weight snark at The Daily Mail, of course! Their interpretation of her “unapologetic” wardrobe is that it was an act of “defiance to the skinny”–because obviously, Christina Aguilera should be apologizing for her weight and wearing muumuus while she whittles herself back down to teen Christina Aguilera weight.

Her outfits have been earning her the title of “Worst Dressed” since last night's show, but The Daily Mail took the occasion to squeeze in some nasty Christina Aguilera weight jabs. Their headline alone is surprisingly offensive: “Christina Aguilera is unapologetic about her curvy figure as she spills out of two costume changes at the AMAs,” but as always with the DM, there's more: “It's fair to say Christina Aguilera burst onto the AMA's on Sunday evening – showing an unapologetic air of defiance to the skinny as she embraced her fuller figure,” the article begins.

The rest of the article basically just uses “fashion commentary” as an excuse to call Christina Aguilera fat. They spend far more time talking about her body, tan, and new blonde bob than her actual clothing, of course–but that's not that new or surprising. It's the shaming tone and implications of their comments that really take the cake.

It might be true that Christina Aguilera's “worst dressed” outfits showed off her curvy figure, but it isn't true that women should apologize for their bodies if they don't meet media standards. And revealing your body (whatever it looks like) isn't an act of defiance against other body types: It's just called being comfortable with yourself. And kudos to Christina Aguilera for maintaining her self-esteem despite nasty headlines like The Daily Mail‘s.

UPDATE: The Daily Mail still takes the cake for worst offender, but check out some of the media's other weird Christina Aguilera weight euphemisms invented after her performance at the AMAs.

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