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Chris Pratt’s Zero Dark Thirty Before And After: Probably The Best Ever

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This just in: Chris Pratt‘s abs are about to get tons of attention for their role in Zero Dark Thirty, where they star as the highly developed muscles of a Navy Seal. The Parks and Rec star went on Conan last night to talk about his role in the new movie about the Navy Seal team that took down Osama Bin Laden, but most of what he discussed was his physique…and he's probably the least obnoxious actor ever to discuss their physical transformation for film.

When Conan asked him about what it was like playing a member Seal Team 6, he doesn't talk about his craft or get pretentious about what he did to prep for the role:

“Becoming a Navy Seal–I mean in real life, not as an actor…the guys who do this are so fit, they are just, they go through incredibly grueling physical and mental torture in order to become a seal.”

But when Conan did ask about what Pratt had to do to get in shape for the film, he basically answered by calling himself fat:

“I don't know if you can tell right now from the angle right now, but I'm kind of like a fat ass…”

When Conan asked whether he's having a nervous breakdown or getting fat for a role, he gave an answer that was refreshingly honest:

“I've always been a little soft: I like to eat, and crunches…I'm not gonna do. But I had a deadline to play a Seal Team 6 Member and I had about five or six months and I just really busted my ass to get in good shape…”

He goes on to explain that he had to gain a ton of weight immediately afterwards for another role, and up went the best before and after pics we've seen in awhile:

Chris Pratt During Zero Dark Thirty: chris pratt zero dark thirty

Chris Pratt After Zero Dark Thirty:

chris pratt weight

It's a relief to see at least one actor who isn't buying into the whole “weight-loss-as-acting” trend, but mostly, it's just nice to see an actor who has a sense of humor about their appearance, and what they do for their “craft.”

Watch the interview for yourself here:

Photos: teamcoco.com