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Chocolaty Weekend Links

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The past week we've had the perfect winter weather for staying inside and staying warm. I actually love the days where we have thick, heavy cloud cover and love even more the days we get some rain with it! It doesn't happen often here, but when it does I like to take advantage of it by making things inside cozy and warm, and that includes firing up the oven and filling the house with delicious smells, and our tummies with delicious treats!


~ Chocolate Nut Bars at Chocolate and Whine

~ Mocha Crunch Oatmeal from Erin's Food Files

~ Cream Puffs with Chocolate Glaze at Annie's Eats

~ Cappuccino Fudge Crinkles from One Particular Kitchen

~ Chocolate Persimmon Trifle at Pham Fatale

~ Sweetheart Whoopie Pies from My Gourmet Connection

~ Peanut Butter Pie at Mommy's Kitchen

~ Triple Chocolate Cheesecake from Atlantic Kitchen

[image: flickr]