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Chocolaty Weekend Links

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I've been on a baking kick for the last week or so. I really look forward to the time of year when we've got the windows thrown open with a cool breeze blowing through — that way I don't feel like it's a chore to be in the kitchen with a warm oven! Below are a few chocolaty links I've gathered from some of my favorite blogs over the last week!


~ Chocolate Swirl Banana Cake from My Adventures in Food

~ Hot Chocolate Loaf Cake at Culinary Concoctions

~ Snicker's Bar Pie from The Recipe Girl

~ Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti at Bite Size Baker

~ English Toffee Bars from Gimme Some Oven

~ Coconut Chocolate Tarts at Ceramic Canvas

~ Cream Cheese Brownies from Ev on the Run

~ Chocolate Chunk Muffins at Zoom Yummy

~ Orange Cheesecake Cookies from Evil Shenanigans

~ Nutter Butter and Oreo Cookie Truffles at Framed

[image: flickr]