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Chocolate-Infused Fruit

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chocolate-infused fruit

Fresh Functional Food Composite, a venture firm in Japan, has come up with an interesting twist on chocolate and fruit: They're infusing white chocolate into freeze-dried fruit without compromising the texture of the fruit.

Take for example one of FCOM's products, a strawberry infused with white chocolate. On the outside it's an everyday garden-variety dried strawberry, but break the surface and it looks like the fruit contains white chocolate in its fibers.

The trick is to first freeze-dry the strawberry to remove the water, and then infuse the white chocolate into the spaces left behind.

The company started started off infusing tuna oil into tuna fish to make it more fatty, and evolved into infusing apples with wine and fruits with chocolate and vitamins. They hope to move onto infusing more nutrients into rice to help people who aren't able to eat very much.

This is fascinating but I have to admit, freeze dried or not those strawberries don't look very appetizing to me!