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Chobani Recalls Greek Yogurt–In Your Face, John Stamos

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After some Food and Drug Administration pressure and reports made by customers who fell ill after consuming John Stamos'* beloved greek yogurt, Greek yogurt giant, Chobani, is recalling some of their yogurt cups.

Last week, the company asked retailers to pull their products from shelves considering some cups were allegedly “swelling and bloating” (they were also moldy and making people sick). At first they weren't going to issue an official recall, but then the FDA was like “Chobani, we have to talk.” Chobani's CEO, Hamid Ulukaya, claims that the recall was their decision.

According to Chobani, most of the affected yogurt cups (marked with code 16-012, expiring September 11th to October 7th) have already been scrubbed from shelves. The recalled yogurt apparently represents less than 5% of the company's Idaho facility's total production.

The trouble was caused by a mold frequently found in the dairy world (yuck, like I needed another reason to be scared of dairy). Ulukaya, who says the problem has been “totally fixed” wanted to make it clear that it was only a problem in the first place because the brand doesn't use preservatives.

The company did not share how many of their customers were personally sickened by their moldy yogurt cups, but the customers that complained had some vile descriptions of the affected products. One said her* greek yogurt was “unnervingly fizzy” which is horrifying because any amount of fizz in yogurt should be unnerving. Another customer said their yogurt tasted like “wine” which ruined both wine and yogurt for me for like five minutes after reading.

The CEO said “Everybody in the company took this hard…It shook us up.” John Stamos did not say “in your face, Chobani” But how cool would it be if he did?

*Stamos hocks Oikos, not Chobani, but still

**Everyone with a TV knows that only women eat yogurt.

Story via AP//Image via Wenn