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Chipotle Trying Out Tofu In New Menu Item

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I have been to Chipotle twice in my entire life, I believe, and I was not especially impressed by their food. This is primarily because I do not enjoy burritos, but I admittedly liked their bowls (which include rice, beans, meat, guacamole and other toppings) quite a bit more. However, I was a little saddened that there weren't any options made for vegetarians, which I was at the time, so I wound up not having as much incentive to return. However, the Chipotle tofu burrito is apparently coming — or at least, it might be, depending on how it tests in select locations.

The Mexican chain (based in Colorado) will be offering their new shredded tofu burrito in San Francisco. They call this filling “sofritas,” meaning “sauteed” or “braised.” Though I have made tacos with tofu before, I do not recall ever having shredded it — though I have eaten a lot of seitan prepared this way — but I imagine the texture would compare well for those who enjoy meat substitutes in their meals. For people who are less inclined towards tofu, Chipotle also offers simple onion and pepper burritos as well as a “Garden Fresh” vegan burrito in parts of the Northeast.

While this increasing menu is obviously a good thing for those who are vegetarian, vegan or simply trying to avoid eating processed meat for health reasons, this is good news. Chipotle's decision to serve tofu is not all health-related, however; the company cites rising costs for meat and cheese as to why they began looking for alternative ingredients as fillers.

Hopefully, other chains will take notice and offer more vegetarian and vegan options in the future. Not only will this help people who already prefer those lifestyles to more easily access food on the go, but it could also lead to others who may benefit from a vegetarian diet to open their eyes to the idea.

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