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Chipotle Will Now Pay Tuition For Its Employees, So Guac Costing Extra Finally Makes Sense

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It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with Chipotle. Their burritos are on point. They care about where the meat they offer comes from. Their burrito bowls are to die for. And I wouldn’t spend extra money on guac if I didn’t think it was the best thing since like, well, ever.

Now, there’s another reason to love the burrito-building conglomerate: all Chipotle hourly workers will soon receive tuition reimbursement, paid vacation days and paid sick days. Well hot damn, get me in a Chipotle apron STAT.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the burrito chain is expanding the benefits that were previously only available to salaried workers to all employees. Beginning July 1, every Chipotle employee will receive full tuition reimbursement, sick pay and paid vacations days.

Throw in a 30 percent off burritos deal, and I think I just discovered what I want to do with the rest of my life.

William Espey, a member of Chipotle’s Marketing division, says the initiative is in part to help the company keep turnover at a minimum, and incentivize entry-level workers. Espey explains: “Our platform is built around opportunity. We open a new restaurant every two days. Last year, we promoted 10,000 employees at the restaurant level into management positions.”

According to Chipotle reps, about 95 percent of the chain’s managers are employees that were promoted from within the company.

Of course, Chipotle isn’t the first large restaurant chain to offer their full and hourly workers more benefits and incentives. Starbucks and McDonald’s have also offered perks like full or partial tuition reimbursement, or a college tuition assistance program. But Chipotle is the only one to offer tuition completely free for hourly workers. So boo yah.

I say we all get burritos to celebrate — and maybe pick up a job application while we’re there.