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Chipotle Will Now Deliver Happiness To Your Home In The Form Of Burritos

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Your Netflix nights have just been upgraded, big time. In fact, you may never need to leave home again!

In case you don’t live close enough to Chipotle’s approximately 1,800 worldwide locations — and, yes, unless you live inside a Chipotle, that’s definitely not close enough — here’s some wonderful, delicious news. Chipotle is teaming up with food-delivery service Postmates to deliver burritos, burrito bowls and chips and guac in 67 U.S. cities.

That’s right — the walk to Chipotle has never been shorter (or, non existent). Delivering happiness to your front door in the form of beans and burritos, Chipotle executives recently confirmed with investors their newfound partnership with Postmates. The startup, which promises to make its deliveries in 60 minutes or less, operates in 67 markets.

So while not everybody and their mother will be able to reap the benefits of this amazing offer, there’s still hope for the future. Of course, some Americans are luckier than others. New Yorkers can choose to get their delivery from 29 Chipotle chains.

According to Postmates CEO Bastian Lehmann, Chipotle has delivered $500,000 worth of Chipotle orders in the first quarter of 2015 — before the two companies had any sort of official deal.

The downside? Customers should be prepared to spend a little extra. An experimental Chipotle delivery order cost over $20, with delivery fees costing more than $11.

While that’s one hefty burrito, it’s a small price to pay for having happiness delivered to your door.

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