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Chicken Additives: Natural or Not?

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Oh, USDA. Thanks for having our back when it comes to nutrition. Or not. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that if a chicken is not artificially flavored or preserved with chemicals, it should be allowed to say “natural” on the packaging. Even if it's injected with additives to make it weigh more (and cost more), to them it's still totally “natural.” We find that unnatural.

Thankfully, after pressure from politicians, health advocates, and actual natural-chicken producers, the USDA will be revisiting that rule. About 1/3 of the chicken sold in the U.S. is shot up with junk that makes up 15% of its weight, and triples the sodium content. Not disclosing sodium content isn't only dishonest — but it's also dangerous for people with heart problems.

One of the companies under fire is Tyson, whose spokesperson says that they found consumers didn't care if there were additives injected into the the chicken as long as the ingredients added were “deemed natural.” Deemed natural by whom? Let us guess: Tyson?

If you saw a chicken label that read: “all natural,” would you be more inclined to buy it? And would you be pissed if you found out it was pumped up with extras to make it heavier? Let us know in the comments, below. Because we definitely feel duped.

via Yahoo! Health