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This Coffee Shop Is Serving Cappuccinos in Bell Peppers, Proving They’re Trying To Ruin A Good Thing

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B2QZn9MIEAAjJSYI need all of New York to calm the eff down when it comes to one-upping each other with these ridiculous (and often disgusting) food trends.

First it was Starbucks with its ho-ho-horrible chestnut praline latte, a drink that sounds more like a character in a Charles Dickens novel than something humans can actually consume. Then came Mountain Dew with its unspeakably horrifying Doritos-flavored soda. Now, one Chelsea coffee shop is trying to mess around with the lifeblood formerly known as coffee by serving up cappuccinos in a hollowed-out yellow bell pepper.

Why? Why are you doing this?

The kinda new coffee spot, Crave, had Italian “master barista” Ettore Diana come in last week and create a bunch of offbeat (see also: crazy) concoctions for their menu. If anyone was interested, other works of caffeine art incorporate rose petals and watermelon rinds, which doesn't sound as awful as drinking out of a bell pepper, but still doesn't exactly make me wanna sojourn down to Chelsea and try anything with a flower floating in my coffee either.

Diana has flown back to Italy, presumably to put enough distance between him and the hordes of New Yorkers who will undoubtedly fall ill after sipping caffeine out of a PEPPER. Good news, though! If anyone is hoping for a swift path to food poisoning, this alleged drink is still on the menu at Crave (though you can't have it delivered, which is all we really want out of our coffee spots, anyway).

Photograph: Twitter