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Check Out the Farm Sanctuary Blog

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Farm Sanctuary – both the facility in New York and the facility in California – now hosts a blog called Sanctuary Tails: News From Behind Farm Sanctuary's Barn Doors. Read about Sanctuary inhabitants like Kiev Hen, a chicken who survived a botched debeaking and now resides happily in the turkey barn, spending her days in the sun and her nights with her feathered friends.

I showed my daughter Farm Sanctuary blog last night and she was still talking about Kiev today. Reading about the hen, factory farming practices become more than an abstract idea. It became real and horrifying and something that she wanted everyone to understand. “We've got to get Greg out there,” Bailey said about her boyfriend.  The idea that Kiev is now free to enjoy the rest of her days, well that thrills Bailey.

Here's an excerpt from the Kiev Hen entry:

Kiev hen is one of the incredible animals at the California Shelter who people remember most. Visitors are often first struck by her unusual appearance – as she was the victim of a botched debeaking procedure when she was just a chick and left with a short beak that now has two large, bulbous tissue growths on its top and bottom. Once you get to know Kiev a bit more, however, it is her spunky and outgoing personality that really makes this brave factory farming survivor stand out from the crowd.

My family lives within 20 minutes of the California Sanctuary and we are hoping to make a visit soon. When I do, I'll tell you all about it.

Image credit: Farm Sanctuary.com