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Cheating Vegans: The Forbidden Animal Products Vegans Pine For

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vegans who eat cheese

Last week, we were pretty amazed by how many readers were willing to confess their favorite weird foods to eat when no one was watching. And it made us wonder: what other secrets are our readers hiding. Like, for example, are there any cheating vegans among us who, even just occasionally, slip a bit of cheese? Or, if they don't actually do it, do they at least mess all those animal products? Ever? We received mixed results, but overall, the answer was “Yes.”

When asked assured anonymity, plenty of vegetarians and vegans admitted that, despite their convictions and dedication to health, some foods are just too delicious.

Which isn't to say that this is true of all vegetarians and vegans; more than a few voiced disgust at the idea of ever cheating on their chosen way of life, and a handful said that even suggesting that anyone who would was giving veganism a bad name. Ethical veganism, one respondent wrote, isn't a diet; it's a lifestyle, and one that, if you truly believe in it, comes before cheesecake or bacon.

All of which is fair…and yet, others admitted that that kind of thinking was what initially scared them away from veganism, and that in the early years, that was the hardest part of making the switch. And plenty of other confirmed vegetarians and vegans wrote in to say that, every so often, they couldn't resist just a taste of one of those forbidden foods–or that, even if they just couldn't bring themselves to go against their strongly-held morals, they still got powerful hankerings for animal products.

Here are some of the best responses:

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