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Charity Begins at Home

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My daughter and I were hanging out at the mall one day when she saw the World Vision poster and asked if she could donate part of her pocket money to help poor children in Africa. Her desire to help others gave me a chance to explain further about charity.

Living in New Zealand with double-income earning parents, our daughter has been shielded from poverty and hardship. I've always wondered how to teach our daughter about charity, about helping others and about paying it forward.

I suggested that instead of helping strangers, that we should help our less fortunate family members/relatives. Unfortunately, we do have distant relatives who are experiencing financial hardship.

So with that in mind, we agreed that part of her pocket money goes to a distant cousin of hers in the Philippines who is in the same year as her in school. In exchange, her cousin writes to her (our daughter) every 2 months to let her know of her progress in school.

We've been doing this for the last 2 years and while the money we contribute isn't much ($10 a month), I am happy to be able to show  and teach my daughter the value of charity and that yes, before she donates to poor strangers, she should help her family first.

What about you? What charitable activities are you and your children engaged in? I'd love to hear more ideas!