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Real Or Fake: Celebrity On Celebrity Body Snark

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cat and dogIt may be some lowest common denominator bullshit, but everybody guiltily loves to watch a fight, especially a dirty fight.

Celebrities don't always have much tact. Why take the high road when you can get publicity taking the low road? They give the people what they want and we love a very public feud chock full of low blows and burns. It's hard to look away when famous people fight and it devolves into highly personal attacks about appearance.

Body snarking is totally unnecessary and gross. If you hate someone, insulting the way they look isn't going to do anything but make you look like a jerk. It's as if you can't think of anything real to be mean about. At best, you'll look petty. As far as personal attacks go, there's nothing worse than calling someone fat or ugly, as if those things matter outside of your outraged little keppy.

See if you can determine the real from the fake with these rude celebrity body snarks…

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