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Feeling Insecure? Check Out These Photos Of Porn Stars Without Makeup

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Feeling Insecure  Check Out These Photos Of Porn Stars Without Makeup Chanel Preston 28 jpgThere’s something strangely comforting about seeing photos of celebrities, models and other beauty-standard beacons without the protective armor of their makeup, blow-outs and Photoshop. Here I was thinking those crinkle-lines around my mouth when I smile were some sort of horrible abomination of nature, when it turns out … well, everybody has ’em; they’re just so often airbrushed out in catalogs and magazines.

There are some who find major schadenfreude in beauties looking bad, but for me (and many, I suspect) it’s a less evil impulse. I don’t delight in seeing celebrities look awful; I simply find it heartening to see them look real. And I think it’s positive for everyone—women, men, teens—to see the veil lifted every now and then. It’s a good reminder of the artifice. It’s a step toward killing the idealized image of what women “should” look like.

And that’s why these photos from porn makeup artist Melissa Murphy are so awesome. They’re designed to show off Murphy’s skill, I guess—and they certainly do—but they inadvertently reveal a lot more than that.

Sans makeup and hair-styling, many of these adult film actresses look nothing like their sexy sexy on-camera selves. They look a lot like me, you or Flo Schmo might upon waking up in the morning. As Jamie Peck at our sister site The Gloss writes: “The lesson that I take from this is that while not everyone might have what it takes to be in porn, pretty much everyone has the ability to look like they are.”

If you take a look at the following photos, you may notice that no matter how old an actress is (or looks) before hair and makeup, afterward everyone projects a sort of alien-like agelessness that approximates 25. You may also notice that pre-styling, many of these women:

— have split ends
— have flat or oily hair
— have blotchy or shiny skin
— have acne
— have bags under their eyes
— do not have mile-long eyelashes
— do not have saucer-sized eyes
— have unshaped or thin eyebrows
— have smiles lines around their mouths
— have crow’s feet

Again, I point this out not to be a dick, but because who among us hasn’t struggled to accept our small eyes/big noses/bad skin? Who hasn’t woken up some mornings with flat hair, bags under her eyes and a very distinguished zit? It happens. Observe:

Images via Murphy’s Instagram account (xmelissamakeupx); actresses’ ages via Buzzfeed