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You May Worship Seamless, But Caviar Will Deliver Duck Liver Pate To Your Door…In Brooklyn

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New Yorkers are obsessed with Seamless. And why shouldn’t we be? The ease of receiving hot (or cold) food right at our doors—I repeat, YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE—is, in a word, uh-maaaaaaaaaze-ing.

But now, a new, ‘I’m-so-fancy’ startup is giving the popular delivery service a run for its money. Caviar, the high-end, deliver-anywhere food service that delivers food from a city’s “best restaurants” to the comfort of your home or office, will now deliver food to Brooklyn.

Manhattanites have been enjoying Melt Shop-to-table gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and Duck Liver Pate delivered to their doors from The Marshal for about a year now, so it’s only fair that another borough gets to share the (literal) wealth, right?

Well, at least some of the borough. As long as you live on the west side of Brooklyn—really anywhere between Williamsburg and South Slope—you can reap the benefits of the luxury, no-minimum service. Ordering from good eats like Briskettown, Prime Meats, Saltie, Motorino (and more!) has never been easier. Caviar also chose today as the day to announce their first mobile app—so even squatters can have access to the pristine service.

Um. Is it time for lunch yet?!

I have yet to see another business that could even try to compete with Seamless, so I’m curious about how Caviar will fare. The service offers meals by pictures and images, making the platform more visually appealing than Seamless. The downside? It’s more expensive. Though there’s no delivery minimum (and no delivery fee for now, just like Seamless), every order costs $4.99, and the rich-food meals can be pricier than the Chinese food you’re ordering on Seamless. However, for a limited time, Caviar will offer $1 meals from select restaurants every day—it’s just up to you to find the deal.

The bottom line? I’m hungry! Brb, lunch.

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