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“Cat Lady” Documentary: Extreme Ownership

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While reading one of my favorite cat blogs, moderncat, I found out about the “Cat Ladies” documentary. The blog usually focuses on stylish and sleek cat furnishings and supplies, but they took time out to report on “Cat Ladies.” And I agree it's something worth noting.

cat-blackThe film debuted recently in Washington, D.C. at the Silverdocs Film Festival. If you've never known a “cat lady,” the film will give you a good understanding of the thoughts behind the lifestyle.

“Cat Ladies” profiles four women who are overly attached to their cats. While some of the ladies profiled do have a crazy number of cats, not all of them do. The documentary focuses more on exploring why these women have an obsessive attachment to their cats, whatever the number. The video below will give you a good glimpse into the film. To read more about the cat ladies in the film, visit the Cat Ladies website.

I saved the documentary to my Netflix queue, but there's no release date at present. I'll report back when I find out when you can see it! TVO will air the film in September.

Do you plan on seeing “Cat Ladies”?

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