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Caroline Wozniacki Mocks Serena Williams With Tasteless (And Racist) Body Imitation

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Wow. You would think that by now, women would get the fact that it's not cool to mock another woman's body. But tennis star, Caroline Wozniacki, doesn't seem to understand this after her recent display of mocking fellow player, Serena Williams, and her body.

The 22-year-old has created quite a controversy for herself after stuffing her shirt and tennis skirt with towels in order to imitate Williams' curvy figure and give herself larger breasts and a bigger butt. It's a move that is not only tasteless and rude, but one that crosses the line with negative body image messages and how we should be supporting other women.

True, Williams has a muscular, curvy and even voluptuous body, but that doesn't give anyone the right to mock her. In fact, those strong glutes that she has in her bottom are what help to power her on the court and make her one of the strongest, most powerful women in tennis.

Not only is it not cool to make fun of another women's body, but some say it's a move that was also racist. Katie Halper from Feministing.com, wrote:

When a white woman makes fun of a black woman’s body, especially in a way that hypersexualizes her and draws on the stereotype of black women’s big butts, it’s racist.

Others, including Yahoo Sports, classified this as a “hilarious” joke.

The only good thing that came out of this is the fact that Wozniacki's opponent that day in Sao Paolo, Maria Sharapova, ended up beating her on the court.

Take a look at the scene and tell us what you think. Was this racist or just a humorous attempt at some fun:

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