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Carnival of Positive Thinking

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As always once a week I post articles which help widows and widowers to overcome their bereavement, grief is hard and to turn from depression to positive thinking needs hard work…I hope that these articles inspire that personal growth

Donald Latumahina presents 4 Lessons on How to Get Things Done posted at Life Optimizer.

Dan Stelter presents The Anxiety Support Network – Apply Yourself and You'll be Just Fine posted at Anxiety Support Network Anxiety Recovery Blog, saying, “This article demonstrates why all you have to do is your best, whatever that is at the given moment, and everything will end up just fine.”

Rachel Corrine presents I'm so Young posted at Rachel Corrine: Fueling Creativity Through Wanderlust, saying, “A slant on the standard New Years Resolution…”

bryantmoore2 presents Fixing Past Mistakes: Because Everyday is My Glory Day posted at Ecstasy Redefined….

Mike King presents How to Free Yourself From Gossip posted at Learn This.

Stephen Martile presents How to Believe in Your Dreams – 3 Steps posted at FreedomEducation.ca by Stephen Martile, saying, “Hi Anna,

Belief is a powerful word – the state of knowing and feeling certain that something special is coming your way. Through my own personal experience I’ve found that creating that state of certainty – to believe in your dreams – has 3 steps.”

Ben Klempner, MSW presents 13 Positive Affirmations for Relaxing posted at Effective Family Communication, saying, “Relaxing helps us to maintain a positive outlook on life.”

David Cantone presents 5 MIND TRICKS TO CONQUER ANY FEAR posted at IL CANTONE.

BWL presents A Lesson from the Recession: Getting back to the basics posted at Christian Personal Finance.

Dan Stelter presents The Anxiety Support Network – Affirmations posted at Anxiety Support Network Anxiety Recovery Blog, saying, “Affirmations are a powerful tool for living a more positive life. Learn how they work here!”

Laura Grace Weldon presents Going to Hope in a Handbasket posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “We're smarter, healthier, safer and more caring than ever before.”

Jake presents The 30-Day Make a Stranger?s Day Experiment posted at Your Best Weekend, saying, “I've heard from my psychologist friends that the best way to overcome sadness and depression is by helping others. In that context, I encourage you to join me in my month-long mission to make other people smile every day!”

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