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Carnival of Positive Thinking

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Each week I post articles to help widows and widowers cope with grief and think more positively about the future. Here is this weeks Carnival of Positive Thinking

Suzanne presents Happiness in 7 steps: Step 1 – I am OK as I am posted at Without Dash.

SmallTownSim presents Even when… posted at Joy's Journey To Wellness, saying, “In the entry titled, “Even when…” The author shares the struggles she faces daily but allows us to witness her determination in dealing with each challenge.”

GP presents You Gotta Get Out of Your Kitchen « Musings from Montana posted at Manely Montana, saying, “Sometimes, you just have to get out of your own way.”

Russ Wood presents 6 Tips on How to Deal with Negative Thinking posted at Russ Wood, saying, “This article is more about personal development and dealing with negative thinking.”

Erin Pavlina presents 5 Good Ways to Ground Yourself posted at Erin Pavlina's Blog, saying, “Have you ever heard someone talk about being grounded? Are you grounded? Or is your energy drifting off like a helium balloon in the sky? What does it even mean to be grounded and why is it important?”

Stephen Martile presents 9 Questions to Unlock Your Unique Abilities posted at FreedomEducation.ca by Stephen Martile, saying, “There are too many people in the world today doing crap they don’t enjoy. I used to be one of those people. By quietly contemplating a variety of questions in my life I began to see different sides of myself – and with this lens of reality I began to explore new opportunities.”

Anne Simone presents 100 Powerful Blogs for Your Self-Improvement posted at Online College.org.

Alvina Lopez presents 100 Inspirational Blog Posts for Personal Change posted at Online Bible College Degrees – Online Bible Colleges.

Outshined presents Food, Stress, and Anxiety posted at Personal Web Guide, saying, “This article discusses the direct correlation that your diet can have on your stress and anxiety levels. It's something I've done a lot of personal experimentation with, having suffered from high amounts of anxiety for a good portion of my life. Throughout the article I discuss just how powerful your dietary choices can be in not only your physical state, but also in your mental and emotional states.”

Justin Hall presents >What Defines a Man? posted at Justin Hall.

ChristianPF presents Overcoming the fear of failure posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, “These are some of the steps I took to overcome my fear of failure…”

Donald Latumahina presents A Simple Tip to Be More Productive posted at Life Optimizer.

Dragos Roua presents Positive Motivation Versus Negative Motivation posted at Dragos Roua – The Choice Of A Personal Path.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of positive thinking using our carnival submission form.