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Carnival of Positive Thinking

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From the comments on the blog I can see we have all had an up and down week. I am thinking of putting together a phone call next Sunday for anyone who wants to join…I will post the details tomorrow. But for now here are some articles that will help us all with our grief and bereavement by helping us to think more positively about the future

Vikum Jayarathne presents Living in the moment posted at Thinking Park.

Anna presents Taking Risk and Adapting to Change posted at The Engaging Brand

Stephen Martile presents How to Improve Memory Quickly posted at FreedomEducation.ca by Stephen Martile, saying, “When I was in my teens I might go to a social or party and meet a dozen new people. And at the end of the night I may remember one or two names – if I was lucky. My memory was terrible, or at least that’s what I thought.
Memory is not something you don’t have; it has little to do with genetics or environment. For most people, it’s a just a muscle that is underused and underdeveloped.”

Tom Maurer presents The World Isn’t Out To Get You posted at Simple and Spiritual.

Rick Schiano presents The Benefits of the Worst Days of My Life posted at Ricks Victory Blog.

Pat Doyle presents How To Arrange Your Bedroom For Good Feng Shui posted at Feng Shui Crazy, saying, “The bedroom is one of the most important rooms for Feng Shui. You spend one third of your life in bed, and a restful sleep is important for your general energy level.”

Paula Kawal presents Four Levels of Consciousness | Journey Inward Productions posted at Journey Inward Productions, saying, “While in NLP Practitioner Training this weekend I was fortunate once again to be re-united with Master Coach and trainer Helen Attridge Green as we studied Success Strategies. Helen is an extraordinarily successful coach, so it was a lot of fun taking apart her process to see what her goals are and how it is that she assesses who she wants to work with.”

Shannon presents Thankful Thursday – Who do you appreciate? Have you told them? | The Daily Balance posted at The Daily Balance, saying, “Who do you appreciate? Have you told them? The importance of appreciation and recognition.”

Khan presents Re-Creating Your Life posted at Higher Education and Career Blog, saying, “The word “recreation” literally means to re-create; and what better way to spend your time than recreating your life!”

Paula Kawal presents Falling Down posted at Journey Inward Productions, saying, “So what’s the best approach when we are stuck in the middle of our old patterns and self-deceptions? Is it possible to remember to nurture ourselves, when we’ve fallen flat on our faces and are eating a mouthful of dirt??? The answer lies with your level of consciousness and how you view the dirt…”

Keith Jones presents The Secrets To Becoming Highly Successful In Life posted at Take Control Of Your Life, saying, “The aim of this article is to provide an outline of the attributes you require to become incredibly successful, so you can decide how you need to improve to increase your levels of success.”

Mina Irfan presents Back to Basics posted at The Universe Guru, saying, “I am a Fellow human, a friend, a mother, a wife…The girl next door. I have soared high and hit rock bottom – and survived it all to tell my tale. I have lived through it all and through the journey have finally learned how to conquer and own my life. I believe that we all have the power to invent our lives. My goal here is to inspire you to take back control of your life and shape your destiny – whatever that may be. I hope that my experiences can help you get some answers to life’s difficult scenarios. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I promise I know someone that does 😉 Read the “About Us: Mina” section on my blog for more about me! May the universe be yours, Mina”

Brain Blogger presents Free Will and the Philosophy of Science posted at Brain Blogger, saying, “For many years the discussion over the existence of free will was limited to philosophers and theologians. Scientists started talking about free will once science started separating as a discipline from philosophy. However, it wasn’t until the rise of functional neuroimaging that some neuroscientists started studying if the brain and deterministic brain processes could explain away free will. In short, some scientists want to discover whether or not free will is merely an illusion, an idea humans create out of an innate desire to feel in control.”

Erin Pavlina presents Going Home posted at Erin Pavlina's Blog, saying, “I wrote a short little story I’d like to share with you. Enjoy.”

Conan Stevens presents Depression = Boredom posted at Conan Stevens Online, saying, “Break out of a negative rut…”

Dorian Wales presents Challenging Happiness – Exploring the Irony of Human Nature posted at The Personal Financier, saying, “The irony of human nature – anxiety for those that have everything and depression for those that have nothing”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of positive thinking using our carnival submission form.