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82-Year-Old Supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice Reminds Everyone That Ageism In Modeling Is Ridiculous

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The remarkable thing about supermodel Carmen Dell'Orefice is not that she is exceptionally beautiful, nor her age, nor that she has walked runways and been featured in editorials and graced magazine covers. It is that she is still doing all of those things at 82-years-old, and doing them incredibly well. Her latest cover is for YOU Magazine. Behold:



I know, I know. It's insane. She looks insanely beautiful and it's hard to handle.

After walking in two runway shows during this past fall's New York Fashion Week, Dell'Orefice has continued her busy job as the world's “oldest working model.” In her interview for the magazine, she says this of her career:

“As a model, I didn't have an identity; I was a chameleon, a silent actress. I was an amorphous thing. I wasn't full of personality, I was full of solitude and solemnity. I wasn't a cover-girl type. I've had more covers in the past 15 years than I had in all the years before that.”

For the record, Carmen, you are exactly the type of cover girl we all need: one that defies beauty standards. Yes, she is a conventionally attractive woman, but even conventionally attractive women typically “age out” of certain roles — whether they're in movies or models or even musicians — whereas conventionally attractive men often continue onward and up, regardless of age. It is incredibly refreshing to see a model who's refused to let those standards define her or her career.