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Carl’s Jr. Appeals To Catholics With Topless Model Eating Fish For Lent

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I'm not very prissy about sexy ladies in TV commercials when it serves a narrative or marketing point. But the latest Lenten ad from Carl's Jr. works the other way around — “plot” and slogan tacked on at the end of an ad clearly conceived of as “hot topless model engages in foreplay with cod fish sandwich.”

The commercial starts out with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Nina Agdal in a bikini, on a beach, seductively eating a Carl's Jr. fish sandwich to “Beyond the Sea.” This goes on for a while. Then Agdal sprays herself down with lotion, takes off her top, lies in the sand and eats another fish sandwich (of all things, this second fish sandwich struck me as particularly absurd).

A Hot Dude walks over, says “Nice sandwich” and takes off his sunglasses, revealing a ridiculous tan line. A narrator says: 

“Sometimes, you don't want to get fried … Introducing the new charbroiled–not fried–codfish sandwich.”

So that is the pitiful link that holds the whole commercial together: You sometimes don't want a fried fish sandwich and you sometimes don't want to get fried by the sun (because then you can't eat fish sandwiches with hot naked girls). [Reminds me of another commercial we've seen recently.]

Adding to the sleaziness of this commercial, the charboiled cod sandwich was introduced for Lent. Here's trade pub Nation's Restaurant News:

Feb. 4, 2013: Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s debuted a new Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich Monday, an offer for the Lenten season that the company said could be added to the menu permanently with positive guest response.

… Leading up to Lent, the season before Easter when many Catholics give up meat, quick-service chains are beefing up seafood options. McDonald’s recently said it would launch Fish McBites and announced that all of the fish used across the chain’s menu in the U.S. is certified as sustainable.

Fish McBites! The “dual brands” for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's — Green Burrito and Red Burrito — will be selling charbroiled cod fish tacos. The Burritos will also feature swimsuit model Agdal topless on a beach, seductively eating fish tacos.


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