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Carla Bruni Backtracks On Anti-Feminist Comments After #ChereCarlaBruni Campaign

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Oh, this is pretty awesomeCarla Bruni has apologized for the anti-feminist comments she made in Vogue after a French women's group launched a Twitter campaign to educate the former first lady. The group, Osez le Féminisme! (Dare To Be A Feminist), asked followers to please explain to Ms. Bruni why feminism still matters, using the hashtag #ChereCarlaBruni.

In an interview with French Elle this week, Bruni said she “completely understands” the backlash, but her words were “taken out of context.”

Last week, Bruni was quoted in the latest issue of French Vogue dismissing the need for feminism in our time and painting feminists as anti-family and marriage.

“We don’t need to be feminist in my generation,” she said in the interview. “I’m not at all an active feminist. On the contrary, I’m a bourgeouis. I love family life, I love doing the same thing every day.”

Osez le Féminisme! responded by launching the #ChereCarlaBruni campaign, which has thus far garnered hundreds of responses. In one, French (female) senator Laurence Rossignol said that as long as she still gets asked whether she's the senator's assistant, “the next generation will need feminism.”

Parisian writer @eleanorcareless pointed out that “France only granted women's suffrage in 1944.” Australian women's network @AYLWomen tweeted: #ChereCarlaBruni We need feminism because a national radio personality said women in politics are “destroying the joint” #destroythejoint

When asked whether she had any second thoughts about her comment, Bruni said the phrase “we don't need to be feminist in my generation anymore” was “very clumsy” and a poor translation of her thoughts.

“It should have read: ‘I have never personally felt the need to be a feminist activist',” said Bruni. “I imagine I am [a feminist] if feminism means claiming one's freedom. But I am not if it means being committed in an active way to the fight that some women are still leading today … I admire their bravery a lot, but I have chosen to commit myself elsewhere.”

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