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Caring For Shamrock Plants

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Shamrock plantEveryone thinks of Shamrocks as the three leaf symbol of St. Patrick's Day. Many don't know there is an actual shamrock plant. Shamrock plants are a tender potted plant that grows from a bulb like root system. The Shamrock plant is a popular gift this time of year but many recipients don't know how to care for their new plant.

Shamrocks plants are easily grown as houseplants, they enjoy bright indirect sunlight.  Since Shamrocks grow from a bulb, they enjoy a period of dormancy every year. During the winter months trim back the plants brown leaves, give the plant very little water, and place it in a cool place so it can go dormant for a month or two.

In the spring begin watering your shamrock plant and give it a dose of organic fertilizer to bring it back to life.

In the summer your shamrock can be placed outside in a shady location, and watered regularly. If it's properly cared for your shamrock plant will reward you with small delicate white flowers.