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Flapper Fitness: Try Cassey Ho’s Great Gatsby-Themed Cardio Dance Workout

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Blogilates' Cassey Ho "Great Gatsby Cardio Dance" workout video screenshot

Cassey Ho is one smart lady. With Gatsby fever in full-swing right now, Ho—a Pilates instructor and founder of health and fitness blog Blogilates—created a “Great Gatsby Cardio Dance” workout video. Absurd? Yes! And awesome? Also yes!

The moves are mostly inspired by 1920s dance crazes—think Charlestons and shimmies—and the music an enjoyably weird fusion of big band and Beyonce. It is not a genre that I knew existed, but I'm now wondering why I'd ever workout to anything else.

Wanna get fit like a flapper? Here's Ho's Gatsby cardio dance workout video.

Not quite up to that level of shimmy yet? Check out Ho's flapper dance practice video to learn the moves and routine more slowly.