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Even Cara Delevingne Feels Insecure About Her Body And She’s A Freaking Model

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Cara Delevingne poses at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show For the third time, Cara Delevingne is on the cover of i-D Magazine. This time around, she's dressed up like an old time Pierrot-style clown complete with a big hair and a hat with a flower sticking straight up. The styling of the shoot takes advantage of her expressiveness and goofy ways, the interview takes advantage of how candid Delevingne has proven to be. In this particular interview, the rubber-faced model talks about her fans, her dreams, her desire to act, her famous facial expressions, her diary; the interview covers a lot of ground, including beauty and body image, naturally:

i-D asks: Do you think you’re beautiful?
CD answers: As a person I hope yes. The only important thing is if I am beautiful on the inside.

That's a delightful sentiment, yes it is, but it seems like it's also important that she's beautiful on the outside because that's her job.

Still, Delevingne and her inner-beauty are not immune to insecurity:

i-D asks: What are you most insecure about?
CD answers: My body because I’d like to be curvier.

Look, I know I'm being a jerk because everyone gets to be insecure about themselves and their bodies, but seriously, a model complaining about being insecure about her body makes me feel like there is no hope for anyone else. Girlfriend makes money for having a conventionally acceptable body. She even models for Victoria's Secret and they are in the business of socially acceptable ~curves~.

Even though she's insecure like anyone else, she still feels sexy sometimes:

i-D asks: When do you feel most sexy?
CD answers: When I’m trying to make my move on someone or in sexy underwear.

That's a pretty cool and honest answer. Doesn't it seem like people who are famous for being hotties usually say they feel sexiest when they're wearing their man's button down and watching the ESPN Zone completely makeup free? Delevingne feels sexiest when she's horny or wearing sexy underpinnings! Cool.

The conclusion I have come to after reading interviews with models day in and day out is that we are all totally screwed. It is deeply and unacceptably fucked up that even people who are paid for having good looks feel bad about their appearance. But hey, we all get to feel sexy sometimes too and that's a mediocre consolation.

Check out the whole interview and images from the shoot here.

Image via i-D