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Cane cozy useful and beautiful

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If a walking stick or a cane is part of the life of someone you know, or if you use one yourself, why let it be a plain old un-embellished boring piece of humdrum equipment?

photo by  Noreen Crone-Findlay copyright

photo by Noreen Crone-Findlay copyright

A friend of mine

needs support

when she walks,

thanks to some

severe injuries

she's sustained

over the years.

She keeps asking

Jim and me to

carve her a walking

stick, and, I keep

saying no…  I would

much rather she

bought herself a

sturdy one and embellished it.

There are a whole lot of ways of making a walking stick or cane look gorgeous!

The cane in the photo is sporting a spool knitted cosy, with a little pouch stitched at the top.

You can also knit or crochet or weave, or even tat, a cosy to cover the walking stick, using your favorite yarn and fave technique. Actually, you could even match the cane cosy to an outfit. Why not have different cane cosies, so that it never gets boring?

Just spool knit, crochet, knit, tat or weave a tube that fits around the walking stick. I put a small drawstring through the top of the one

in the photo to secure it.

Glam it up, after all, just because something is sturdy and useful, doesn't mean it has to be dull and ho hum!

That's why we have yarn. It makes life more beautiful.