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Can You Super Cool a Soda?

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I had a bunch of family come into town for a visit today and we ended up not having enough cooled sodas in the fridge. We had a bunch in the garage, but with it being in the 100's (indefinitely, it seems), the sodas were all but useless as they'd water down ice before cooling down anyway.


So, we decided to see if we could super cool them with some water, ice and salt. I don't know what the temperature of the cans were before we started, but it was warm enough to melt ice when poured over it in a glass.

The method is simple enough — put water and ice in a bowl big enough to keep a soda submerged and sprinkle with coarse salt (we used kosher because it's what we had on hand). Pop the soda in the bowl, and wait a few minutes.

A couple of the methods we found online suggested spinning the soda in the ice water, and others said to just let it sit. The science behind the “super cooling” is similar to making homemade ice cream in an old style crank ice cream maker, which also involves ice and salt. The salt speeds up the melting of the ice, and the water covers the can completely which helps facilitate the exchange of heat between the can and the ice water.

We left the soda in the ice water for about 15 minutes, and when we went back to get it the ice wasn't completely melted and the water was cold. The soda was drinkable, but I wouldn't say it was supercooled. Still, it was definitely better than 90 degree soda! Of course, this works for beer too!

Have you ever tried this?