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Can You Call The Social Network Sexist Even Though It’s Based On A True Story?

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Can You Call The Social Network Sexist Even Though It s Based on a True Story  social network getty jpgPeople have been buzzing about The Social Network for months — even before the movie was actually released. Did you see it? And, if you saw it, did you Facebook all the characters as soon as you got home?

The most controversial topics surrounding the movie hasn’t been its representation of Mark Zuckerberg, but the movie’s portrayal of women. If you went by what you saw in the movie, you’d think that all the women of Harvard (and Facebook) would be shallow, skanky party girls. Which is obviously not the case.

The film’s screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin, said that he couldn’t be blamed — he’s just telling a true story. It’s not his fault if Mark Zuckerberg didn’t surround himself with strong women. What do you think? Should Sorkin have inserted a powerful female character into the movie, even if that contradicted the true story?

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