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5 Lessons Cameron Diaz Teaches Us About Vaginas

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Cameron Diaz Book Signing For "The Body Book"Cameron Diaz, actress and vagina expert, went on the insufferable Chelsea Handler's late night show to discuss her new book, The Body Book, which the comedic actress considers a science book since she is a self professed science-nerd. Cameron D talked to Chelsea about sugar, chemicals, cigarettes, the body, but mostly vaginas which are a part of the body, all with her signature goofiness. Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on The Body Book it seems like a surprisingly positive and well-researched resource.

Here are 5 lessons from Cameron Diaz about vaginas:

  1. Your vagina is on the inside. I'm sure some to most people know this, but keep in mind that not everyone who uses the word vagina colloquially to refer to that whole zone thinks that the vulva and vagina are the same thing.
  2. Grab a mirror and learn about it. Cameron Diaz knows where the Bartholin gland is. Do you? There's a vagina diagram in her book; if you read it you can use the diagram and the reflection of your own vagina to get to know your body.
  3. Treat it with kindness, like the beautiful and delicate flower that it is. Nurture the shit out of it. It deserves love and attention.
  4. Keep it clean. Out of respect for your vagina and maybe those you share it with.
  5. There's a reason we have pubic hair. Ms Diaz thinks that you should groom you pubic hair however you like–shave it into the shape of a bullseye or birthday cake (her proposed pubic hair shapes) if it moves you, but she suggests that you do not undergo permanent hair removal because you might change your mind about the styles you like later and have to “invest in merkins.”

Watch the interview below (vagina talk starts around the 4:20 mark):

You can buy The Body Book in hardcover here.

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