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The Most Calorific Non Alcoholic Beverages The Man Is Trying To Sell You

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calorie drinksIt's a bit troubling how easy chain restaurants make it for customers to consume outrageous amounts of unhealthy stuff through a fucking straw. What's more troubling is how deliberately difficult some of these restaurants made it to find the nutritional info on their websites. It's almost like they don't want you to know what they're feeding you. Some of the drinks I found are so big and so bad for the human body, that even the most anti-diet among us might be dissuaded by the caloric content.

Not that the number of calories anyone else consumes at once is any of my concern. Order and drink whatever you want, see what I care. Drink hot fudge day and and day out, nobody can stop you. Even if you are watching what you eat, a milkshake once in a while isn't a big deal. As sometimes foods or treats, these sorts of drinks aren't going to ruin anyone's diet or training, but their existence and prevalence is somewhat disconcerting.

Check out how many calories you can get in one cup without downing a lick of booze…

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