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Bye My Beaders & B5media

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My Dear Bead Readers, 

This isn’t necessarily good-bye to the blogosphere because I still have my About.com Jewelry Making site as well as Fat and 40, but unfortunately, I have to say good-bye to blogging over here at b5media’s Jewelry and Beading blog.

This was my very first blog, started over 2 years ago when I was blogging with About Weblogs, which eventually merged with b5media, so this was not an easy decision to make at all. I’ve been stressing over it for a good long time.

However, I have so many other exciting opportunities as far as my writing and teaching career right now, that I really need to focus on those and I know that would mean I could not provide the right amount of time required to keep this blog up to the standards I think it deserves and my readers deserve. Therefore, I have decided to resign as its blog editor. I know that B5 will very soon have a super talented bead blogger over here, so I feel confident I’ve left my baby in good hands.

I hope you will continue to keep in touch via my About.com site, and I want to thank all the great bloggers at B5media for the chance to work and get to know them all over the past few years. I will miss all of you.

~ Tammy