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Buy Nothing Day 2010: This Black Friday, Will You Buy Or Boycott?

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photo: Flickr Thiago Hirai

We’ve never seen the appeal of getting up at dawn on the day after Thanksgiving to compete against hoards of shoppers to get the best deals. (Have they even heard of eBay?)  But now that the green movement is in full swing, we can blame our Black Friday boycotts on anti-consumerism rather than our own lazy, antisocial habits. So, instead of celebrating sales, we’ll be participating in Buy Nothing Day next Friday.

Buy Nothing Day was started in Vancouver in 1992, and eventually came to be observed in the U.S. on the day after Thanksgiving (and the Saturday after in the rest of the world). The promo video below might trigger flashbacks of jamming on your Casio keyboard in your dorm room, but it also presents some guilt-inducing facts about the waste we create every day. Let us know in the comments section if you’ll be braving the sales this Black Friday, or if you’ll spend the day consuming nothing but leftovers.

via Organic Consumers Association