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10 Most Intense Pieces Of Shapewear You Can Buy Online

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most intense shapewearI have nothing against people who choose to wear shapewear and body shaping garments–I've even considered purchasing some of Spanx's offerings for myself. If body slimmers and whatnot make people feel more comfortable or aid in posture or post surgical/post partum healing, then I'm into them. However, just because some of these are legitimately useful does not mean they look comfortable or are good for the body. The whole purpose of shapewear is to squish and squeeze a human to fit into a highly constricting garment, some of those girdle-y garments happen to be way more intense than others.

Check out these 10 intense pieces of shapewear ( I excluded corsets from my search for the most constricting body shapers because everyone knows those are wildly compressing):

1) Invisible Bodysuit Shaper with Rear Lift.

bodysuit shaper with rear lift

Perhaps extremely high waisted capri leggings will become a trend piece and these won't look so terrifying. $35 via Leonisa

2) Powernet Liposculpture-Long Sleeve Bra-Extreme Buttocks Enhancer Garment.butt enhancing garment

This sexy number comes from the brand Salome which is considered an “extreme body shaper brand.” Let's look at some of the garment's featured selling points:

  • Lifts Up The Buttocks

  • Double Support in the Derriere Area

  • Has High Compression

  • Smaller In The Waist Area

  • Contours Waistline and Abdominal Bulge

  • Controls Hips and Thighs

  • Front Zipper Garment

  • Adjustable Straps

  • 100% Powernet

  • Open in the Crotch Area

  • 100% Cotton Interior

  • Two Different Colors, Black and Nude

  • Ideal For Shaping The Body, Lose Weight Programs,

  • Complementary To Massage Therapy, and Liposculpture

  • Bra Not Included

  • Hypoallergenic Fabric

  • Lace with Silicone Adhesive Underneath


3) Vedette Dayanna Open Bottom Body Shaper with Front Closure. front closer body shaper

Many body shapers have these butt cutouts. Apparently it lifts and shapes the booty, but it also looks very silly. $76.50 via Hourglass Angel 

4) VerAmor Full-Coverage Bodysuit. bodysuit shapewear

Even though the copy says that “The long sleeve bodysuit provides full-body slimming and toning, plus it looks great with an oversized top,” I think an  oversized top might look a little silly over this scuba suit. The description also says that the body suit “[f]eatures a molded bust, accessible crotch, and a clean-cut finish on the legs.” What do you think they mean by “accessible crotch?” $139 via Marena Group

5) Powernet Men's Vest.mens shapewear

Shapewear is not just for women! Men too can squish themselves into intense fabric sausage casings. $79.99 via Pink Room Online

6) Penny Power Slim High Waist Brief.bodyshaper

Maybe it's the arrows on the image or the many different textures on the garment, but these terrify me. The description promises you will “[l]ook 2 sizes slimmer with penny performance slim high waist brief,” which is also terrifying. Two sizes is a lot! $27.40 via Zivame 

7) Extreme Control Latex Body.extreme girdle

The product description for this mentions that it was “[m]anufactured with flat seams to avoid marks on the skin.” How pleasant! That zipper looks, um, handy. $94 via Feel Foxy

8) Ann Chery Shapewear Renata.post shapewear

This is one of the ones with an opening in the crotch so that you can pee without having to go through the hassle of removing it. $147.61 via Sigter

9) Lace-up Open Bottom Girdle.lace up girdle

This “heavy duty” girdle looks a bit like a straight-jacket for a pelvis, no? $65 via Girdle Bound

10) Power Mama.pregnant shapewearI've never been a pregnant person, but I can't imagine carrying a life in your womb and wearing a compression garment at the same time is very comfy. When would a pregnant woman even need to wear this? $32 via Spanx