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For Shame! Bakery Shut Down For Putting Extra Sugar & Fat In Their ‘Sugar-Free’ Treats, Acts Like It’s No Big Deal

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butterfly bakeryThe Butterfly Bakery in Clifton, New Jersey has some explaining to do. After a prolonged investigation, the FDA found that the bakery falsely labeled some of their products fat and sugar content, going as far as putting sugar into their “No Sugar Added” blueberry muffins. The company must remained closed until all of their products match what they actually put on the label. And according to the bakery, it's really no big deal.

The Butterfly Bakery was found to have as much as 444% more saturated fat in one it's recipes than was on the label. That's not just a minor measurement error. That's a whole lot of lying going on. Their issues were so egregious that FDA didn't just fine or censure them, they shut the whole place down!

But according to the company's Facebook page, it's all good.

Butterfly Bakery, Inc. acknowledges the claims in the FDA press release dated March 13, 2013. Butterfly Bakery voluntarily entered into a consent decree and has been working with the FDA and a team of technical and regulatory experts since May 31, 2011, to improve its processes and ensure compliance with all Butterfly Bakery products. Only 3 out of Butterfly's 45 items were sited. Note: These items were part of one of the five lines of baked goods that Butterfly produces.

Butterfly Bakery decided that by voluntarily entering into a consent agreement with the FDA it would best enable Butterfly to move forward and expeditiously resolve the FDA's concerns. Butterfly Bakery wants to assure all of its customers that we take continuous pride in the integrity of our products while practicing good manufacturing and ensuring the safety and quality of our products.

I like how they continue to specify that they volunteered to work with the FDA. Because obviously, they had a huge choice in the matter. I'm sure the FDA would've just said, “Oh nevermind,” if the company protested. Sorry, you get no customer service points for volunteering to fix your mislabeled products after having been called out on them.

More than anything, I think it's telling that there is no apology for the errors. They have some angry customers, some of whom suffer from diabetes and came to the bakery specifically because it advertises its sugar-free treats. But their basic line is that they're going to be doing everything right from now on and no one should worry about it.

To have a company that caters to people who obviously want and/or need healthy food so blatantly disregard their own standards is pretty disgusting. And as to the idea that anyone will continue to go to a company who lied and doesn't even seem to feel bad about it? Well maybe all of the no sugar added muffins have gone to their head. They sound pretty delusional to me.

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