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10 Ways You Can Burn 100 Calories Without Leaving Your Bedroom

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lazy fitnessSometimes you want to hit the gym, but just can't. Sometimes you need to get out of bed so that you don't develop bedsores, but you feel like it'd be futile because the world outside your bed is a horrible place. I feel you. Exercising is awesome, but I can't always be expected to wear pants or leave my room.

When you're feeling like a lazy-bones or a shut-in stuck in the bell jar, you can still  burn some calories from inside your prison of a bedroom. If you're going to be staying in your cave for whatever reason, here are 10 easy-peasy ways to burn 100 calories:

  1. Sing for 50 minutes. Make a playlist of your favorite selections to belt out and just sing your heart out.
  2. Dance around for 20 minutes. Maybe do it naked, but keep in mind, if you're going to be dancing around your room in the nude for 20 minutes to burn calories, you better do it like you fucking mean it.
  3. Vacuum for 20 minutes. If your floor doesn't need vacuuming, throw some confetti up when you're doing activities one and two. Then you'll be productive and burn 100 calories.
  4. Pilates for 30 minutes- You can find great routines online for free. We've done some of the work for you.
  5. Or just stretch for a half hour- No need for anything fancy, just stretch it out and feel good.
  6. Nap for two hours- This is the very best way to burn calories ever.
  7. Rearrange your furniture for 15 minutes– Then burn an additional 100 calories by putting it back.
  8. 10 Minutes of Push-ups– Sure, it's not that pleasant, but you can pretend to be a badass soldier.
  9. Rock out for a half hour– Seriously, 30 minutes of playing guitar will burn calories.
  10. Primp for 45 minutes- Giving yourself some extra time to get gussied up will burn triple digit calories. There is a lot of motion involved in wielding hair tools.

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