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Burger King Proves Corporate America Can Have A Heart Sometimes

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Burger King Proves Corporate America Can Have a Heart Sometimes burger king 280x190 jpgThis might be the best thing Burger King has done since inventing the Whopper. (So this may actually be the greatest thing they’ve ever done.) The most recent “Franchisee of the Year” winners really, really payed it forward and cashed in their absurdly over-the-top prizes in order to distribute bonuses to their employees.

Come again?

Yep. Barnett Management Company, Burger King’s 2014 Franchisee of the Year, cashed in the new Corvette and Rolex they received and turned that hypothetical straw into gold for employees who do the day-to-day work at the 24 locations owned by Barnett.

I repeat: a Corvette. A Rolex.

All said, company leadership awarded employees approximately $120,000 in bonuses that came from the sale of the car and the watch, combined with some out-of-pocket contributions. More than 100 employees received bonuses ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

“The award needed to go to the people that got us here,” franchise co-owner Shelly Crispin told a local news station. “It was the only right thing to do.”

A round of applause all around. (Also, a Kleenex for the tears I am definitely shedding at my desk right now. Thanks.)

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