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Burger King Is Doing Something Terrifying For Halloween

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Burger King Is Doing Something Terrifying For Halloween burger king png

There’s two things I love: Burger King, and Halloween.

Okay, love is a strong word. But I do like Burger King from time-to-time, and Halloween is tolerable, say, once or twice a year, depending on how good my costume is. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out that Burger King is doing something special for Halloween season! How awesome.

To get down with the scary season, the burger chain recently unveiled a black Whopper — which is just their signature burger, but with ‘special effects’ to make it look pitch black (and totally terrifying and weird). While it sounds kind of gross, something scarier happens when your meal is finished…and so began the #GreenPoop hashtag.

Apparently, the burger goes in your body one color (black), and comes out another (green). It’s pretty gross and disgusting, but you’ve got to admit that anything that gets Twitter users to collectively talk about their bowel movements is, “pretty cool.” And pretty gross.

Burger King told ABC News that the black bun contains less than 1 percent food dye, and promises within the nutrition facts that the ingredients used are not out of the ordinary, and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Yet people are still pooping out green slime, and it’s weird, and gross, and they’re tweeting about it.

Read what they have to say here. And remember: not all emerald-green doodie is geese poop.

Image via Burger King