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This Adorable Puppy Reminds You Not To Drink And Drive In The Most Powerful PSA Ever

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This Adorable Puppy Reminds You Not To Drink And Drive In The Most Powerful PSA Ever shutterstock 195244568 640x426 jpg

Three cheers for beer!

First, Budweiser released a statement explaining they were unsatisfied with how the NFL handled the Ray Rice situation. And we were like, ‘Right on, Budweiser!’

Then, to further prove that they are catering (er, marketing) to women’s needs, the beer company released this beyond-adorable anti drinking and driving commercial.

The lead role? A lovable puppy named Buddy (who later grows into a very, very cute full-grown yellow labrador).

And we were like, “Wahhhhhhhhhh.”

Or at least, I was.

In this perfectly played out PSA, a man brings home his new puppy, Buddy. Together they grow older together, in a beautiful, well-orchestrated montage. They play fetch, they cuddle, they share peanut butter (while Buddy’s owner, of course, enjoys a nice cold Budweiser). It’s the kind of stuff that makes your heart melt.

But then they really get you: Buddy is full grown, and his owner his of legal drinking age—so he goes out with buddies, touting a 6-pack of Budweiser. “I’ll see you later Buddy!” he says.

Buddy, first adorably, then heartbreakingly, waits for his human to come home…but to no avail. It grows dark outside, and the night begins to turn to the morning.

The music grows somber, and the text across the screen reads, “For some, the waiting never ended.” And just as most people are reaching for their tissue boxes, it changes to, “But we can change that.”

The music perks up again, and the front door swings open. Buddy’s human apologizes to him, saying, “I decided I shouldn’t drive home last night. I stayed at Kyle’s.”

Buddy’s tail wags ferociously, and the audience breathes a collective sigh of relief (though I’m sure we’d all adopt Buddy now, were he to be left without a home…if he weren’t a famous acting dog).

The final message of the PSA? “Make a plan to make it home. Your friends are counting on you.”

And you can just let the tears flow free, now.

There’s many reasons to love this commercial—like a fluffy puppy, and a powerful message. Not only does it firmly tell people not to drink and drive, it also plays on our emotions, making it extra effective.

There are tons of reasons not to drink and drive, but leaving your pets—or any friend—behind is definitely one of them. As long as Budweiser continues to use animals (like Clydesdales and super cute puppies) in their commercials and support women’s rights, I’m a huge fan.

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