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9 Recipes For This Year’s Biggest Brunch Trend: The Breakfast Salad

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breakfast salad It was only a matter of time before salad would conquer breakfast. It reigned supreme over lunch and dinner for a long time now, but these days it's making moves onto brunch menus everywhere. Leafy greens, grains, and eggs are at the heart of many of these recipes, but each one spins the breakfast salad concept in a different (delicious) direction. With recipes so easy to throw together, why wouldn't you incorporate salad into your morning routine?

1. Smoked Salmon Salad

smoked salmon saladThis is a gorgeous breakfast salad from Daily Gourmet that actually isn't as tough to make as you might think. If you make the dressing ahead of time (basically yogurt and horseradish), you can just toss it with lox, greens, cherry tomatoes and olives in the morning and you're out the door!

2. The Breakfast Salad with Pork Sausage and Hard-Boiled Eggs The-Breakfast-Salad-Fed-and-Fit-2 Sweet baby J did Fed & Fit nail it on this one. Pork breakfast sausage, hard-boiled eggs, purple onion, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and lemon combine for an epic protein-packed breakfast salad.

3. Breakfast Salad with Maple Vinaigrette and Cinnamon Sugar Croutons

breakfast salad maple vinaigrette

The only thing you needed to read here was “cinnamon sugar croutons” to know that Sommer of A Spicy Perspective is a genius. Maple vinaigrette gets another tally in the genius column, and I know what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow.

4. Breakfast Grain Salad with Blueberries, Hazelnuts, and Lemon breakfast grain saladThis recipe from The Kitchn isn't a traditional “salad,” but it looks absolutely delicious and you can easily make it ahead of time. Steel cut oats and quinoa are the bulk of the grains, but maple syrup and Greek yogurt combine to make this salad just as tasty as it is healthy.

5. Egg, Spinach, and Spelt Salad with Green Garlic Dressing

kitchn egg spinach and spelt

It turns out our friends over at The Kitchn are huge breakfast salad fans—and we're not complaining. This recipe would be great for any meal, but with the grains and hard-boiled eggs, it feels more than appropriate for breakfast.

6. Mellow Yellow Breakfast Salad sagegreen food52I love this Food52 recipe by Sagegreen for its simplicity. Banana, pear, lime, cinnamon, and pumpkin seeds are all you need to start your day right.

7. Frisee Salad with Lardons and Poached Eggs

frisee salad

This recipe from Smitten Kitchen is perfect if you like something light in the morning. You're eating salad for breakfast, so you deserve a little bit of bacon on top.

8. Breakfast Quinoa Salad

the healthy foodie

Sonia of The Healthy Foodie may have just put together the prettiest salad I've ever seen. Not to mention it's perfect for breakfast and packed with some of my favorite foods: avocado, green apple, jalepeno, blueberries, mangos, raspberries, toasted coconut…whoa.

9. Smoked Salmon Breakfast Salad with Crispbread

Here's another one for your bagel, cream cheese, and lox lovers, this time from Bon AppetitBeets, red onion, capers and salmon with a little pumpernickel and Neufchâtel on the side? Yes please. 
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