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Brothers-All-Natural Potato Crisps: Foods Michael Pollan Would Eat

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No one's perfect, right? Most people, no matter how healthy, still yearn for the crunch of a potato chip every now and then. At least, that's what we tell ourselves. We'll never know, but unless Michael Pollan is one of these demigods who never wants a food that's crispy, salty, and satisfying, then let's assume he wants a chip now and then too.

That's where Brothers-All-Natural potato crisps come in. They're freeze-dried, which means that there are no added fats or preservatives; in fact, the only ingredients are potatoes and sea salt. They're also 100% fat-free and they've only got 45 calories per serving. Have we found the perfect chip that indulges your cravings while keeping your body healthy? Yes, we have. We'll be accepting thank you gifts all week. Hear that, Michael Pollan?