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Williamsburg Hipsters Want This Sober Dance Party To Replace Your Morning Coffee

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Daybreaker Williamsburg Sober Dance PartyWhen you hear the word ‘rave,' you might think of drugs, inebriated degenerates and so-loud-it-hurts EMD music…but a pair of hipsters from Williamsburg are changing that with their 100 percent sober, early morning dance party.

That's right: Early morning, as in, 7a.m. As in a time that most people can barely open their eyes unless they're on their second cup of coffee!

Called Daybreaker, this sober soiree swaps typical rave necessities like the aforementioned drugs and alcohol for yoga, fresh juice, heavy beats, poetry and live music.

Founders Matt Brimer and Radha Agrawl describe the event on their website as, ‘a morning that will start your day off like any other.'

And it's hard to argue with that!

This isn't crack-of-dawn SoulCycle class, so if you're looking to burn serious calories before the sun rises, this probably isn't for you. Instead, the community Facebook page boasts pictures of a freer movement—DJ booths before a crowded dance floor, a spread of yoga mats under a disco ball, and something that can only be described as an euphoric jellyfish.

No alcohol or mind-altering drugs are present, not allowed, though you probably wouldn't know it from this Business Insider video of the scene, taken with a GoPro. You'll see glow-in-the-dark hula-hoops, massage tables and very aggressive dancing.

What Daybreaker is really about, though, is dancing before the day breaks, and forming a community that values camaraderie, self-expression, wellness, immediacy and mischief.

Participants are expected to show up, move their bodies with reckless abandon, then head to work with their sweat (and probably sweat from others) still on them.

This may be the kind of thing you need to see—or experience!—to believe. But if you can't get your butt out of bed before the butt crack of dawn, you can always check it out on Instagram.

As for this writer, well, I'll probably stick to coffee.

(Image via Daybreaker)