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Brooke Siler Explains How To Do Pilates While You Walk

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If fitting in a 45-minute pilates session won't fit into your holiday shopping schedule, you can still give your core some work with these tips from Well+Good NYC on doing pilates while you walk:

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If you pass celebrity Pilates guru Brooke Siler on the street, you’ll definitely notice her. And not because she’s a six-foot-one super-fit redhead.

While everyone else scurries to work with hunched shoulders and heads glued to Blackberrys, Siler is leaning slightly forward, pulling her belly up and in, lifting her chest high, and forcefully pushing off of her second toe with every step.

You may even catch her going up the subway stars sideways, so her heel-toe gait doesn’t get interrupted. Seriously.

Why? She’s doing Pilates while she walks.

“We think of Pilates as an exercise technique, but it’s really a methodology of movement,” says Siler. You may not be able to feel the burn of the teaser during your commute, but you can adopt a “Pilates consciousness” so that even while walking, you’re engaging your muscles and lengthening.

“You’re changing your posture, which automatically changes the way your clothing fits,“ explains Siler. “You’ll feel better, and you will get more toned because you’re activating your muscles.” Plus, it keeps her (and possibly everyone around her) from getting bored.

Continue reading on Well+Good NYC for three of Siler's ways to do Pilates while you walk.

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