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Brooke Burke Can’t Fit In Career, Family, Workouts, Sleep and Sex…Now You Can Stop Feeling Bad.

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brooke burke sleep and sex deprivedWhen she's not dancing with the stars, running her website ModernMom.com, filming a new fitness DVD or taking care of her three kids, Brooke Burke is desperately trying to get some sleep, according to a new interview in Fitness Magazine. She says that, with everything else she has going on, she finds herself craving sleep more than sex, even when she and her husband, David Charvet, are on vacation. Thank god. I love the fantasy of being able to fit everything in, but it's nice to finally hear a celebrity admit that she doesn't…because if she can't, then at least the rest of us can stop feeling bad when we don't.

When asked whether she gets enough sleep, former Baywatch-star Burke told Fitness:

No! My two youngest kids always end up in our bed in the middle of the night. I try to get six to eight hours a night, and one night a week I have to get a full eight hours.

I think that sleep deprivation is a really bad thing for a woman, not only for her skin and eyes but also for her mood, memory, metabolism, energy, and sex drive. David and I have done “sleepcations,” where we check into a hotel room simply to be alone and sleep.

And when asked whether she would choose sleep or sex if she had some unexpected free time, she responded:

I'm so sleep deprived! How can I possibly choose between those two? That's really tough. Can't I sleep after the sex?

She still manages to fit in regular workouts, and has a pretty balanced perspective on what it takes to maintain a healthy, fit body:

I don't think you need more than an hour to do cardio and full-body toning. I don't have three hours a day to devote to my body, but I do have an hour five days a week.

But it's clear that when it comes to balancing career, family, workouts, sleep and sex, she's picking her priorities, which is one of the most realistic things we've heard a celebrity admit to in a long time. It's great to set high goals for yourself, and you shouldn't give up on investing time into your health, but the reality is that sometimes, you can't be perfect. And if the result is that you're a little sleep-deprived or you could stand to have more sex, then honestly: It's time to stop feeling bad.

Photo: Fitness Magazine